Churches can lead the way in racial and national unity


Dear Editor,
In the Will Smith movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” Will’s son in the movie told the story: There was a man who was drowning, and a boat came, and the man on the boat said, “Do you need help?” and the drowning man said “No, God will save me.”
Then another boat came and he tried to help him, but he said “No, God will save me,” then he drowned and went to Heaven.
Then the man asked God, “God, why didn’t you save me?” and God said, “I sent you two boats, you dummy!”

In 2011, Guyana entered into a political impasse.  The government became a minority government and instead of getting the message of the electorate that the electorate wants the parties to work together, the government in power for 23 years, continued with more of the same.
Every new day revealed a new scandal, secret deal, or episodes of the “Fleecing of Guyana.” Instead of listening, the government’s counteroffensive accused the APNU and AFC of “obstructing” progress. The combined opposition said it’s not against progress, it’s against scams, secret deals and lack of accountability, and that it would not support projects until there is full disclosure.
The Opposition won credibility by exposing the Amalia scams, the Surendra scams, the fiber optic problems, the Marriott scams, the Skeldon factory scams, and problems in the laptop program.  It was clear the Opposition was looking out for the interests of Guyana and not simply wanting to stop development. That’s the accountability we want as a poor nation.
Many in our churches have prayed for Guyana for decades that our country will move forward as one people, one nation, and one destiny. Since democracy was restored in 1992, despite some progress, we have not entered into the fullness of our blessings. Our people still flee to tiny Caribbean islands with virtually no natural resources eking out a living.

To those of you who have been praying, God has sent us two ships – The APNU and the AFC.  They are sailing as one Coalition force.

Please do not let Guyana die. In the life of nations, there are critical moments, and in Guyana, this is one such moment. Never before have we had two parties willing to risk so much in forming a Coalition so that Guyana can move forward as a nation.
We are at a tipping point. All the churches in Guyana need to seize this moment in time and take a position.  Now is not the time for pseudo neutrality.  I call on all churches – all the historic churches, the Lifespring Ministries, the Assembly of God, the Full Gospel Fellowship, and other Pentecostal and evangelical churches to hold national unity prayer meetings and consider Guyana’s future. I also invite our brothers and sisters in the temples and mosques to do the same.As religious people of faith, we are driven by values of love and forgiveness.  We do not hold anger, envy and bitterness in our hearts, or else we will never heal. We do not drive by looking in the rear view mirror all the time; we look forward in faith, and hope.

Forgetting those things which are behind, we press towards the mark of something new, something better and different. We are led by our faith, not by our fears. In 1992, we were ready for a change, and the mood of the nation in 2015 is the same. Let’s pray and work for change. Guyana’s salvation is at hand. The people in the churches can lead the way in racial and national unity.

Dr. Jerry Jailall